New Income Tax Portal Launching – Easy ITR Filing In India - Fast Processing Of Refund Etc - Other Features - Benefits, Impact For NRIs, Foreign Citizens, Seafarers

What Is The New Income Tax Portal? What Is Name Of New Portal?

In its efforts towards making the tax procedures simplified, the Income Tax Department is launching a new e-filing portal. This will be more friendly to taxpayers. The new portal will be launched on June 7, 2021. In preparation for its launch and migration activities, the existing portal of the Department would not be available to taxpayers from 1st June 2021 to 6th June 2021. New Portal will be (replacing earlier portal

How Will New Portal Deal With Processing of Income Tax Return and Income Tax Refund?

In Existing Income Tax Portal System, it still takes a few weeks to even months for refunds to get credited in tax payers’ bank accounts. Under new income tax portal system, it is expected that post filing of ITR, ITR information will move expeditiously to the Central Processing Centre and ITR will be processed faster. Accordingly, refunds will be paid to the assessee earlier.

What Are Expected Features And Dashboard of New Income Tax Portal?

New Portal is expected to provide user-friendly dashboard. It is expected that it will display all needful information (Reminders, All Uploads, Pending actions, Interactions etc) on dashboard. It will be helpful in completing all pending tasks and comply law timely.

What Are Expected Changes In Relation To ITR Preparation Software and Mobile Phone In New Portal?

It is estimated that a new simplified ITR preparing software will be provided in new portal. Software is expected to be very user friendly with all needful instructions and FAQs. It should be convenient for naïve and ignorant taxpayers to file their ITR through this software. In relation to mobile phone, it is expected that income tax department will provide a mobile app in relation to new income tax portal. Taxpayers can download that app on their mobile phones and do many frequently doing activities on mobile phone via that app. It will make things easier and convenient for taxpayers

What Are The Steps To Be Taken By Taxpayers Under New ITR Portal?

Some of the actions to be taken by taxpayers on the New ITR Portal ( are:

- Re-register of DSC on new portal (, as the old portal DSC registration cannot be migrated to new portal due to technical reasons.

What Are The Features Expected In Relation To Customer Care Under New Income Tax Portal System?

New Tax Portal is supposed to provide a better call centre to address the queries of taxpayers on timely and effectively basis. These call centre will provide fast real time based assistance, guidance and advise to taxpayers to resolve their issues.

What Features The New Portal Will Provide In Relation To Payment of Taxes?

In the new income tax portal, there will be options for taxpayers to pay the tax through multiple options i.e. Net Banking, RTGS, NEFT, Credit Card, UPI etc. Hence, it will facilitate the taxpayer tax payment.

What Are The Other Features of New ITR Portal?

New Income Tax Portal will have various other many features, which will easy the things for taxpayers.

What Are The Benefits Of New Tax Portal To Taxpayers?

New Income Tax Portal will have various benefits for taxpayers. Those are:

- First good thing about new portal is that its name is simple and short ( compared to earlier portal ( It will avoid typo error and easy to communicate and understand.

New Income Tax Portal – S Lohia & Associates Services To NRIs, OCIs, Other Non-Residents/Foreign Citizens

  • Filing of Income Tax Return
  • Assisting In Understanding Of Various Features of New Portal
  • Assisting in payment of taxes
  • Liaison/Submission with Income Tax Department, if needed anywhere

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