Other Audits

Due Diligence

  • Due Diligence is an investigation or audit of a business prior to signing of a contract, or an act with a certain standard of care. It may also be potential investment or product to confirm all facts.
  • It involves reviewing all financial records, and anything else deemed material.
  • In the investment world, it is performed by organizations seeking to make acquisition, by fund managers, by brokers for effecting their transactions fruitfully.

Forensic Audit

  • It is the process used to examine an individual or company’s financial information for use as evidence in court.
  • It helps to detect diversion of funds, willful default and window dressing of financial statements.

Information System Audit

  • This audit focuses on the organization Information system and its related operations. This is generally done with other types of audits like financial, etc.
  • It evaluates and examines the data from IT systems and evaluates their reliability, especially the ones effecting the financial statements of the organization.
  • It is known by various names like Information System Audit, technology audit, computer audit, etc. IT looks into the technical operation, data center operation and other application controls.

Stock Audit

  • It is the physical verification of the inventory. However at times it may also include valuation of the inventory, however, this may depend upon the terms of engagement.
  • There may be a specific requirement of a stock audit depending upon the type, size and purpose for which it is carried out.

Various Other Audit & Certifications:

  • Management Information System Audits (IT Auditor)
  • Receivable/ Payable Control
  • Withholding (TDS) & Corporate Tax Audit
  • Internal Control Audit
  • Audit under GST Act
  • Bank Audits (namely Statutory, Concurrent, Revenue & Stock Audit)
  • Inventory Audit, Physical Verification & Stock Takings
  • Valuation Audit & Certificate Under Various Acts
  • Audit of Foreign Exchange Transaction & Foreign Remittance Certification (15CA/15CB)

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