What is E-campaign? Does It Have A Connection With Non Residents, NRIs?

Income Tax Department has recently (in FY 2020-21) launched an e-Campaign, where they are seeking voluntary compliance from those taxpayers, who are either not filing Income Tax Return or reporting their transactions in their ITR inaccurately. Under e-Campaign, Department is sending Email & SMS to such taxpayers to submit their on Non-filing of ITR, High Value Transactions. E-campaign also report transactions related to Non-residents, NRIs.

What are the types of transactions captured and shared under e-Campaign By Income Tax Department? Does It apply To Non-Residents, NRIs, Seafarers?

Under e-Campaign, information is displayed under three sections as under:

Significant Transactions – Financial Transactions, which are not in line with the taxpayer profile. This is filtered based on pre-defined rules of Income Tax Department.

High Value Transactions – These are those Transactions, which is a mismatch between ITR data (as reported by taxpayer in ITR) and Information Reported to Income Tax Department by Third Party.

Non-filing of Income Tax Return - Transactions of the taxpayer who has not filed ITR, however, as per Income Tax Department records there is potential tax liability or obligation to file ITR.

Above information is being displayed on Income Tax Portal e-Campaign section for Residents as well Non-Residents. Hence, above information is questioned from Non-residents also i.e. NRIs, OCIs, Foreign Citizens, Seafarers etc. In fact, above information is reflecting more in the case of Non-residents only as many NRIs, OCIs are not regular in filing their ITR in India.

Under e-Campaign, What are the messages or emails being sent to taxpayers by Income Tax Department? Where does Non-Residents received this information?

“Attention (XXXXXX333X), the Income Tax Department has identified high value information which does not appear to be in line with the Income Tax Return filed for Assessment Year 2020-21 (relating to FY 2019-20). Please submit online response under e-Campaign tab on Compliance Portal (CP). Access CP by logging into e-filing portal (My Account) – ITD”

“the Income Tax Department has received information on financial transactions/activities relating to XXXXXX029X for Financial Year 2019-20. However, as per records available, you do not appear to have filed an Income Tax Return for Assessment Year 2020-21 (relating to FY 2019-20).”

“Dear Taxpayer, The Income Tax Department has received information on financial transactions/activities relating to AXXX SXXXXXXX (PAN XXXXXX888X) for Financial Year 2020-21. The details of the transactions may be viewed as under:”

Above information is being sent to taxpayers on their email id / mobile number as per Income Tax Department records. Department gets email id / mobile number record from various sources i.e. Financial Institutions reporting transactions to department, Profile of taxpayer on income tax portal, ITR record, PAN Data records, Bank records etc.

How Can Taxpayer (including NRIs, OCIs) Access e-Campaign Information on Compliance Portal?

Taxpayer (including NRIs, OCIs, Seafarers) can check the e-Campaign information by login into his income tax account on www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in. After login, they can go to Compliance Portal (under ‘My Account’ tab or ‘Compliance’ tab). After redirected to Compliance Portal, taxpayer can access to e-Campaign and check the transactions, if any reported there.

What Are The Common Transactions Reported In e-Campaign Cell In Relation To NRIs, OCIs, Seafarers?

Here are some common transactions, which are reported by Income Tax Department in e-Campaign Cell for NRIs, OCIs, Seafarers and Other Non-residents:

  • Outward Remittance Outside India (from NRO Account) and ITR not filed
  • NRE Interest Income Not Reported in ITR
  • NRO Interest Income and TDS Thereon, However ITR not filed.
  • Property Purchase or Sale in India, However, ITR not filed
  • Mutual Funds/Shares Sale/Purchase Transactions In India, Either Not Reported or Incorrectly Reported

What Should NRIs, OCIs Seafarers Do To Avoid Reporting Of The e-Campaign Information? What Action NRIs, Seafarers Should Take To Respond The e-Campaign information?

NRIs, OCIs, Seafarers should take following action:

  • Keep filing their ITR so that transactions and their residential status is reported to Income Tax Department.
  • Submit a reply in Compliance Cell against the Transactions reflecting in e-Campaign cell.
  • Pay taxes, if arising, in relation to any e-Campaign transaction.
  • File revise ITR, in relation e-Campaign transactions, if any such transaction is missed in ITR filing.

e-Campaign Notices – S Lohia & Associates Services To NRIs, OCIs, Other Non-Residents/Foreign Citizens

  • Verification of e-Campaign Transactions for NRIs, Non Residents, Seafarers
  • Analysing the significance of e-Campaign transactions
  • Advisory/Consultancy for appropriate action plan in relation to e-Campaign information
  • Assisting in preparing and filing of Income Tax Return in India
  • Assisting in payment of taxes due on any e-Campaign transactions
  • Advising and submitting reply to e-Campaign transactions on Compliance Portal
  • Liaison/Submission with Income Tax Department, if needed anywhere

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